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eRSP™ is an Internet based employee scheduling application that automates the tracking of client service requirements, and the scheduling of the best employees to perform the services.

100% Internet Based

  • You can access eRSP™ from anywhere.
  • Easy and low cost start up
  • No more worries about maintaining your own IT software and hardware


  • Sales and Prospect Management
  • Client assessments and service plans
  • Employee Profiles, Skills and Credentials
  • Office Task Management
  • Robust Calendar Scheduling
  • Fully integrated Telephony
  • Invoicing
  • Payroll
  • Medicaid / Insurance
  • Electronic Filing
  • Management Reports

The eRSP™ application combines comprehensive customer order management functions with calendar and skill matching resource assignments. eRSP has the unique ability to take an order for service, match an appropriate, available employee to perform the service, and track the order through time-sheets, invoicing, and payroll processing.

With eRSP™ being Internet-based, all you will need is a browser and Internet access. No additional hardware or software to buy, and it's available 24x7 at any Internet location.

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